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Ag Dolls News

About A Weeks Ago My BFFL Anni Got A AG Doll!here is some pics!



and who can not forget nat!



i love my ag dolls!

ag party3

Mia AmericanGirl






ag party5



the one and only one

The Real Nicole Buss:)

Crazy Nicole

At the park was this crazy bungie swing ride! I went on it but my daddy didn’t see it, so I went on it a second time!

That was crazy!

bungie ride1

bungie ride2

I wasn’t able to do flips, but when I got off I was a bit dizzy!

Shopping Trip

Mommy and I went shopping today for father’s day…. And we sent him this picture!

nicole shopping

Silly Daddy….. He thought we bought him a scooter!

Sleep Over

Miss Bunny and I spent the night at Amy’s house…… And she’s still sleeping!

But Miss Bunny and I are wide awake!


Isn’t Miss Bunny so cute???

One of the last things I had to do for school this year was a big report on sea turtles. Everyone else in my class did a report on paper and then drew a picture. Not me. My daddy is a computer geek so I did my first real powerpont presentation!

I did it all by myself too!

nicole buss sea turle report

But I had to use daddy’s computer…..


Daddy thought I looked really cute this morning and wanted to take a picture of me before I went to school.

nicole buss

My daddy is so strange sometimes!

Happy Easter

Check it out… Went to the mall today with Jordon and ran into this cute guy!

nicole easter 2009

Happy early Easter everyone!

Xmas 2008

This is something I think you will like! This is what I got for Christmas!

This is me opening up my laptop!

xmas2008 1

And this is my new friend Natlie!

xmas2008 2

Luckily I was a good girl this year!

Meeting Santa

Mommy and I went to the mall a few weeks ago and Santa was there!

I always love meeting Santa!!!


Bring me lots of cool stuff this year!!! I’ve been a very good girl!!!

Daddy picked me up at school today, and I told him I wasn’t feeling too good. So he decided we should make chicken noodle soup!

Here I am pouring the soup in the pot!

nicole buss soup

One of the cheers we did was called “Chicken Noodle Soup” and it says “chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup, with a soda on a the side”. And that’s exactly what we had!!!