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My Birthday

This weekend we celebrated my ninth birthday with all of my best friends coming over to my house. From left to right we have Megan, Amy, Lindsay, Nicole, Erica, Jordon, and Sophia!

2009 birthday 2

We had a great time eating lunch, playing with our bears, and of course opening up my presents!

2009 birthday 1 2009 birthday 3

Facecake! Everyone loves facecake, and this cake had me and Miss Bunny on it!

2009 birthday 4

Afterwards we played Wii, did arts and crafts, and played with our barbies!

2009 birthday 5

New Doll

I came home from Amy’s house this morning… To find out I have a brand new American Girl doll!

baby sister

My parents are the best!

Ice cream

Today Sophia came over – and we had ice cream!

ice cream

Thankfully Mommy had her cell phone with her so she could take a picture!


My friend Shayla came to visit me this weekend. She spent the whole weekend with us. She lives far far away in a town called Fresno. I hope to visit her there some day.


I wish I got to see her more often. She’s so much fun!

These pictures were taken in the park by my school!


I went back to the carnival and this time I brought Erika with me! We had a blast!

carnival erika1

And we won a lot of stuff too!!!!

carnival erika2

I spent the day today at Sophia’s house – and she got a new dog! Her name is Kacey!


Ethan & Pizza

Guess who came over last night?


nicole ethan

My mom and dad had Ethan over last night for Pizza. We spent the entire night playing with each other, although daddy wasn’t too happy when we were playing Indiana Jones with the exercise ball on the stairs case!

But it was great to see Ethan! I wish he would come over more often!

Play Date

Jordan spent the night with me on Friday night, and we rolled that into goofing off online Saturday!!!!

This is us in the family room on laptops……



This past weekend I went out with Ethan to celebrate his 9th birthday! We had a blast!


At the end he kissed me on the cheek. I was rather embarrassed!

Sometimes girls just want to have fun…..

This is me, Jordon, and Annika singing some Hannah Montana songs we had playing on the laptop…….

goofing off

What a fun day!!!!