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i just found pics!=0

here you go…..

the frist look at…..




is he cute or what?





the one and only one

The Real Nicole Buss:)

More Park Fun

After the parade we all hung out in the big park. I got my face painted and went on the rides with my friends!


Of course mommy came with me!!!!


Today for Father’s day we went to the local water park……. We went on the scariest ride in the park! It’s called the Stealth.

This isn’t the same one we went on, but it’s the same thing!


I don’t know who was scared more – Daddy or me!

Daddy tells me I’m really brave. I think he’s just a big chicken!


Today my mommy and daddy took me to the local carnival. It was hot and empty but I scored some neat stuff – including a goldfish!

nicole valentine buss lincoln carnival may 2009 1

This ride is called the Vortex. Um, I didn’t like it too much.

nicole valentine buss lincoln carnival may 2009 3

Mommy and daddy looked more scared than I did, and I walked funny when I got off. I think I was still dizzy.

Afterwards, daddy and I went on the slide. Daddy was very brave because he is scared of heights. Silly daddy.

nicole valentine buss lincoln carnival may 2009 4 nicole valentine buss lincoln carnival may 2009 6

Mommy and daddy got me a pass for the entire day, so we plan on going back later tonight when it cools down – and I’m going to bring some friends with me too!

I came home super early this morning because I was sick at Amy’s house – and woke up my parents nice and early for Easter Sunday!

Of course we had the Easter Duck up! (long story…..)

easter2009 1

And then we did an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard. A few of the eggs had bugs on them! Gross! I HATE BUGS!

But Mommy washed them off for me!

easter2009 2

What a great day today was!

easter2009 3

Until I got sick…..


This weekend Mommy decided to paint her room. I wanted it purple, and we decided on a color called Juneberry. It’s kinda like purple and pink and red. We like it.

So, this past weekend we painted my room!


It was a lot of work! And a lot of fun too!

painting2 painting3

painting4 painting5

painting6 painting7

Special thanks to my Uncle John who helped us!

Disco Dance

Last night was my school’s yearly father daughter dance – this year the theme was “disco”. I am not sure what “disco” is but dad tells me it was when they sing songs like YMCA. Mom went all out and made sure we were properly dressed! I had a retro 70s dress and cool boots!

DSC 0326

And my dad wore a huge hat!

disco dance

Let me tell you what… My dad I cut up the dance floor! Dad was tossing me up like a sack of potatos, down under between his legs, and spinning me around. We were the best dancers there!!!!

My daddy is so funny…. Look who he had lunch with today!


Today is my Mom’s birthday! Happy birthday Mommy!

donnas birthday

Daddy and I got Mommy a bunch of stuff, some for scrap booking, a really cool purse I picked out, neat watch, and cutlery set!

Mommy rocks!


My daddy and I like to watch Scrubs. It turns out my grandmother used to work at the same hospital where they film Scrubs. The day after Christmas my grandma took me there!

This is me and my mommy on the set of Scrubs!

xmas2008 4

Thanks grandma for taking me there!