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July Parade!

This year we did our yearly parade – my third time in a row! This time we rode on Jordan’s boat!

july09 1

july09-2 july09-3


Cheerleading started up again! This Saturday I went to tryouts in the spirit center! It was two hours of pure fun!

This year I’ll be on the Zebras!!!!!

cheer 2009 1

cheer 2009 2

Last Cheer

Last Tuesday we had our last cheerleading meeting – mostly to get our t-shirts and some cake….. All my friends were there!

last cheer

Cheerleading really rocked this year – I made some great new friends and had a blast!

Sunday was the big cheerleader competition! This was in Yuba City and all of the other Cheerleading teams in the division was there!

This is us, the Lincoln Chargers Jr Pee Wee, doing our cheer routine!!!

cheer competition1

cheer competition2

And us stunting during the dance competition!

cheer competition3

This is my collecting my award……

cheer competition4

The other Lincoln teams did good too. The Pee Wee team won third place twice! The Midgets didn’t win any awards, but they was only four of them on the team so it was difficult – and we are so proud of them!

What a great day we had!!!!

Last Practice

Earlier today we had our last cheerleading practice!!!!! On Sunday we have the big cheer competition!

last cheer

So my daddy is trying something new…. Videos for my blog!

He tried putting them up on Youtube ( see video one and video two) but that didn’t seem to work too well. So instead he’ll put them up as regular good old fashion windows media files. These windows media files are huge so they’ll take some time to load up!

The first video is of me cheerleading at half time…..


And then homecoming……


My mommy took this picture of me at one of our cheer games…… I am such a goof ball!!!!

closeup cheer

Today was our first football game, and my cheerleading squad go to cheer our team to victory for the first time!

first cheer game

Our team won 3-1. Good job Lincoln Chargers!!!

Here are some pictures of me cheerleading today!!!

I can’t wait for my next game next Saturday!


My first Jamboree and it was fun.


Me and Sydney.


Jordon, Me and Sydney.


Daddy and I just hanging out.


Go Big Blue Machine.


I’m ready for action.


Half Time show.


Ericka, Jordon and I just hanging out. Great Day.

Just a few pics of my cheer friends